Bolsa Polybag

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Shelf attractiveness
  • Moisture, Oxigen and UV barriers aplicable if needed
  • Printed (up to 8 colors)
  • Maximum load up to 25 kg

POLYBAG® is a 2-3 layer structure bag, either printed or not, laminated or coextruded, due to its characteristics, offers excelelent optical, appealing and sealablity properties.

Typical uses: pet food, detergents, fertilizers, seedes and grains, etc.. Features: Zipper, Easy-Open, Euro Hole, Overhandle, Gussets.


The high performance film used in this product offers superior resistance, low friction and outstanding performance in packaging machines. It combines good resistance, seleability, rigidity and excellent optical properties and barrier properties, depending on the selected structure.

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