Stretch Hood POLYHOOD®

  • 5-sided protection
  • Load stability
  • Fast palletizing
  • Fewer machine stoppages
  • Low cost vs. other alternatives
  • Ideal for appliances products

The Stretch Hood POLYHOOD® is made with co-polymers that allow the film to be stretched without reaching the point of permanent deformation. The Stretch Hood stretches in transversal direction (TD) and machine direction (MD). When the film is applied covering five sides of the load (four sides and the top), it allows the film to conform according to the shape of the load on the pallet, avoiding the product to move and protecting it from the dust, humidity and ultra-violet rays. Stretch Hood film is a film sleeve made in a co-extrusion machine which can be manufactured with or without gussets. The Stretch Hood POLYHOOD® is manufactured with 100% virgin low density polyethylene resin, due to its unique formulation, provides sealability and compact packages with excellent optical and barrier properties.

Using our Stretch Hood film is the most convenient and safest method to unite and protect different products.

Five Side Protection

Storage in the open: rain protection and ultra- violet rays,
Security: serves as a seal of guarantee on the pallet
Attributes of the film: excellent sealing, COF and protection.

Fast Palletizing.

100-150 pallets per hour.

Low cost vs. other alternatives

Harm reduction
Increased line speed reducing time stoppages (higher productivity).
Less energy (applying Stretch Hood does not require ring, gun or heat tunnel).

Load Stability

Integrates the pallet and secures the load on the platform. Applies a restraining force in all directions of load (vertical and girth) Load stability when transporting

Less machine stoppage.

One single roll can pack 800 - 1200 pallets
One roll change in the machine can be performed each 5 - 12 hours

Other advantages

Its transparency let appredate products trademark.
Its five side cover avoids damage or product stealing

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