Packing PolyPouch

  • Excellent sealability
  • Shelf attractiveness
  • Moisture, Oxigen and UV barriers applicable if needed
  • Food safety
  • Printed (up to 8 colors)
  • Maximum load up to 4 kg

POLYPOUCH® is a 2-3 layer structure, either printed or not, laminated or coextruded, due to its characteristics, offers excelelent optical, appealing and sealablity properties.

Typical uses: pet food, dried fruts, detergents, solids, liquids, flour, sedes and grains, oils, juice, wáter, snaks, etc.

Types: Doypack (SUP bag), U type, K-seal, 3-seals

Features: Zipper, Easy-Open, Euro Hole, Overhandle

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